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Not Your Grandmother’s Crochet Needle

I’m sure we all have that sweater, pair of socks, or scarf that our grandmas knitted us when we were young, but this hot summer trend doesn’t come from your granny’s crochet needle! I’m loving the new hippie chic crochet style pieces in stores right now. I just received the cute neon green crochet TOMS slip-ons from their summer collection, in the mail today. They are bohemian and breezy and I think definitely obsession worthy! Check out the spring, summer, and resort collections of your favorite designers, there are most likely some crochet inspired pieces. You can find this trend in tons of different items like jewelery, clothing, hair accessories, and hats. It’s absolutely on point for summer!


Daily Obsession for May 12, 2011

The moment I saw this jacket I was obsessed! Being hot pink fuchsia, it’s an updated interpretation of the classic blazer. It has a slightly relaxed style, yet it’s still tailored for a feminine fit. Rebecca Minkoff has always been known for her edgy yet elegant handbags, though recently she has expanded her designs to apparel and shoes. My favorite thing about her pieces is that she always picks the most luxurious materials, fabrics, and textures. The Becky Jacket is right on cue being made of a sumptuous silk crepe, which is one of my absolute favorite fabrics to wear. I think this piece is the perfect little jacket for a summer night out. If you love this blazer as much as I do, you can find it at or You can pair it with a cute summer dress or even a tied silk blouse and skinny jeans.

Daily Obsession for May 9, 2011

Today I am totally obsessed with these Natalia Skimmer ballet flats by French Sole fs/ny. Not only are they made out of the softest buttery leather, they also come in every cute pastel color you can think of. They are absolutely perfect for the Spring and Summer months ahead. You can find them here at The label French Sole  fs/ny, is a part of Shopbop’s newest ONE by collection. Developed as a curated collection of exceptional pieces, ONE by is home to standout items that represent the top of their categories—the very best shoes, clothing, and accessories. I think these darling pastel shoes are certainly exceptional, don’t you? You truly can’t go wrong with a simple classic ballet flat. I don’t even know which color I would choose, they are all so gorgeous!

Bullet Proof

I love to mix it up with tough girl rocker style combined with girly-feminine fashion. So, while searching for new jewelery pieces, I came across a collection by Bullet Girl and it really caught my attention. I would have to say I’m slightly OBSESSED! The Bullet Girl collection “presents a contradictory juxtaposition of war and peace; wearable and inspirational collectibles born of lethal materials”. They literally take real {blank} bullets and make them into rings, necklaces, and bracelets that are to die for… or even kill for! 🙂 Some of their pieces are even encrusted with diamonds, if you want to get fancy. Bullet Girl definitely makes stand-out statement jewelery. You can see such style icons as Kim Kardashian and Rihanna rocking pieces from their collection. Bullet Girl jewelery is perfect for us ladies that aren’t afraid to take risks.

Bullet Girl, .357 MAG rhodium-plated bullet with CZ cap ring

Bullet Girl, .223 REM 24k gold-plated bullet bracelet

See for more details.

Strobe Effect

When it comes to cosmetics, my go-to makeup line is usually MAC. Every time I go their counter, there is something new that I must have. I recently attended a makeup demonstration done by a friend of mine, Maria, who is a MAC makeup artist. Among other things, she recommended this new product called Strobe Cream. I thought to myself, I already have a million moisturizers and I don’t need another one taking up space under my sink. Noticing my lack of interest she told me that if she was stranded on a desert island and had to pick one product to take with her, Strobe Cream would be it. Considering she is one of my makeup gurus, I decided I better see what I have been missing. Let me just say that I WAS missing out! This cream is AMAZING! Magical even. Not only is it full on vitamins and botanicals, it brightens and clarifies your skin with iridescent particles and antioxidants. It literally makes your skin glow in any type of light! I use it on its own, or under makeup and either way it makes my skin absolutely gorgeous. Especially with summer around the corner, this is definitely one of my beauty MUST-HAVES.

Here’s a link to purchase this product:

or you can find it at your local MAC counter.