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Obsessed Beauty Tip #02

Highlighting and contouring with makeup can drastically change the look and appearance of the shape of your face. Unfortunately, we are not all blessed with perfectly high cheekbones or a petite and slender nose. So luckily, there are several ways to use makeup to accentuate and downplay certain features and even sculpt our faces the way we want to.

Let’s start with contouring. A tip I learned from my favorite MAC artist, is to first find a bronzer and blush that go well with your complexion. NARS sells one I love, conveniently in a duo compact, in the colors ‘Orgasm’ and ‘Aguna’. As long as you have a lighter and  darker shade, just about any two colors will work.  Next, using a large fluffy blush brush, take the bronzer/darker color and shade your cheekbone nearest your hairline in a light circular motion. Then using the blush/lighter color, shade the apples of your cheeks in a light circular motion. Make sure to blend it back a little towards your hairline to mix the colors together. I like to smile big while doing this because is gives me a better idea of where the apples of my cheeks are. If you want to contour a little further, take some of the bronzer/darker color and brush it lightly under your cheeks, along your jaw line and towards your ears. This look will give the illusion of more pronounced cheekbones and a more slender face.

Now let’s talk about highlighting. I love using a highlighter on my face because it gives you a certain fresh glow. A trick to remember when highlighting your features is, imagine someone is holding a flashlight above your head pointing it towards the ground. Now think of every place that light will illuminate, and that is where you put the shine. So, right below your eyebrows, on the top of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, the top line of your upper lip, and the crease of your chin. When you put a little highlighter along the line above your upper lip, it will make them look larger and more pouty. MAC makes some great highlighters; my favorite is ‘Shimpagne’ in the Mineralize Skinfinish line.

I hope you try this tip and experiment; makeup can be so much fun!

NARS Blush/Bronzer Duo


Obsessed Beauty Tip #01

I love makeup, but I think there is an art in knowing how to properly apply it. There are many little tips and tricks that can help make the end result look more beautiful and effortless. Sometimes I feel like my face is literally rejecting my liquid foundation. Does that ever happen to you? I don’t remember exactly where I learned this tip, but I know by experience that it works. Whenever I feel like my liquid foundation isn’t quite sitting so pretty on my face, I pop it in the fridge for 15-20 minutes to chill it. When it has reached a cooler temperature, I apply it to my skin and it just melts in like butter. The warmth of your face makes the foundation spread over your skin so smooth it’s like magic. Also, always use a foundation brush! When using a brush to apply your liquid makeup it takes about 30% less product than it would when using a sponge. Trust me! The brush I suggest and can’t live without is MAC’s foundation brush. So this summer when things get too hot, chill your makeup for a beautiful smooth look.

MAC Foundation Brush