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Tempt me, Temptu!

Temptu Limited Edition System

I’m going to let you in on this most amazing beauty secret ever… okay, are you ready to get your mind blown away?! Let me introduce to you the most amazing tool to add to your beauty arsenal, the TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup System! I have been searching for something to make my skin look flawless, you know just like the girls we see in magazines, but could never quite get that photoshopped perfect finish. After perusing Sephora for an hour (this is how I relax), I came across the TEMPTU display. Of course I instantly wanted to play with it! I literally stood there for hours sampling the different colors, the bronzers, blushes, and the highlighters. Not only was it super fun, my face looked AH-MAZING! It was just before Christmas so of course they had to most adorable limited edition packaging with a chic silver carrying case. I was sold. It took few tries at home to get the technique down, but after I did, it literally took minutes to transform my face into some that could be in the magazines.

Now let me tell you how the system works. The first thing you do is match your skin color using their color chart, which is pretty easy. Then you find your color “pod”. Each pod is easily interchangeable in the airbrush machine. Next, you can pick your bronzer, blush color, and/or highlighter (they have so many gorge choices!). Once you have your pod of choice loaded into the machine just hold the sprayer more or less 6 inches from your face and spray. You can adjust the airflow to how fast or slow you want the product to come out. The end result is literally picture-perfect. It’s like magic, makeup magic!

I’m so obsessed with my new TEMPTU Airbrush system and I’m so excited to share it in all its wonderfullness with you. It is a bit of an investment, but let me tell you it will change you life, promise!

“Having flawless beauty everyday doesn’t have to be a luxury!”

Before and AfterFoundation Pod

You can buy TEMPTU products at 

or at Sephora