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Having Your Cake & Wearing It Too!

Today is my birthday and I wanted to share with you one of my newest beauty obsessions! This gorgeous confetti confection is Deborah Lippmann’s Candy Shop polish. It reminds me of a pink frosted cupcake with rainbow sprinkles. Yuumm! So here’s a shout out to all my fellow Capricorns, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Deborah Lippmann- Candy Shop $18


Tempt me, Temptu!

Temptu Limited Edition System

I’m going to let you in on this most amazing beauty secret ever… okay, are you ready to get your mind blown away?! Let me introduce to you the most amazing tool to add to your beauty arsenal, the TEMPTU Airbrush Makeup System! I have been searching for something to make my skin look flawless, you know just like the girls we see in magazines, but could never quite get that photoshopped perfect finish. After perusing Sephora for an hour (this is how I relax), I came across the TEMPTU display. Of course I instantly wanted to play with it! I literally stood there for hours sampling the different colors, the bronzers, blushes, and the highlighters. Not only was it super fun, my face looked AH-MAZING! It was just before Christmas so of course they had to most adorable limited edition packaging with a chic silver carrying case. I was sold. It took few tries at home to get the technique down, but after I did, it literally took minutes to transform my face into some that could be in the magazines.

Now let me tell you how the system works. The first thing you do is match your skin color using their color chart, which is pretty easy. Then you find your color “pod”. Each pod is easily interchangeable in the airbrush machine. Next, you can pick your bronzer, blush color, and/or highlighter (they have so many gorge choices!). Once you have your pod of choice loaded into the machine just hold the sprayer more or less 6 inches from your face and spray. You can adjust the airflow to how fast or slow you want the product to come out. The end result is literally picture-perfect. It’s like magic, makeup magic!

I’m so obsessed with my new TEMPTU Airbrush system and I’m so excited to share it in all its wonderfullness with you. It is a bit of an investment, but let me tell you it will change you life, promise!

“Having flawless beauty everyday doesn’t have to be a luxury!”

Before and AfterFoundation Pod

You can buy TEMPTU products at 

or at Sephora

Home for the Holidays

It’s been months since I last posted, but there are so many great things for this holiday season I wish to share with you guys. I just can’t stay away any longer! So, look out for some ah-mazing posts to come and Happy Cyber Monday!

Chanel Winter 2011

Daily Obsession for May 3, 2011

Today’s Daily Obsession is absolutely de-lish. I’m talking about Candy Yum Yum matte lipstick from MAC’s Quite Cute collection. It’s the brightest most saturated color in a matte that MAC has released to date. The Quite Cute collection is full of adorable summer-ready shades of soft  pink, purple, and nude. I adore the entire collection, but the Candy Yum Yum  lipstick is definitely my absolute favorite! Now that I know and love this bold color, I’ve seen it everywhere on tons of famous pouts. I know that some of you might be wary to wear such a bright color of pink, but I urge you to go to your local MAC counter and test it out. You will love it, pretty promise!

MAC, Candy Yum Yum matte lipstick

Nailed It

I want to share with you my latest obsession… Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips. I’m sure you’ve seen them in an advertisement in your favorite style or gossip magazine. At first I was skeptical yes, I certainly love my weekly mani more than the next girl, and to cheat on my favorite OPI colors, well, that would be just blasphemy! I decided to give it a try though, and it was truly love at first stick. The instructions are so easy, just follow steps 1 through 3. There is no drying time to mess up or smudge, and the most amazing part is, they last for more than a week without a chip!  Which in that time, it’s hard to even keep them because you’re dying to change to the next fun motif. I’ve found that the best selection is at Target, and they frequently have them on sale, which is nice. My favorite one is the cheetah pattern, so I stock up when I find them. I get at least 3 or 4 compliments a day on my nails, and people for the most part, people have no idea they are polish strips because they look professional! I am obsessed with finding patterns I haven’t tried, and I promise you will love them too if you try them. Sally certainly nailed it with this one!

Cheetah pattern, my favorite.


Just a little bit of flare.


You can usually find them in stores in a display like this.

Obsessed Beauty Tip #02

Highlighting and contouring with makeup can drastically change the look and appearance of the shape of your face. Unfortunately, we are not all blessed with perfectly high cheekbones or a petite and slender nose. So luckily, there are several ways to use makeup to accentuate and downplay certain features and even sculpt our faces the way we want to.

Let’s start with contouring. A tip I learned from my favorite MAC artist, is to first find a bronzer and blush that go well with your complexion. NARS sells one I love, conveniently in a duo compact, in the colors ‘Orgasm’ and ‘Aguna’. As long as you have a lighter and  darker shade, just about any two colors will work.  Next, using a large fluffy blush brush, take the bronzer/darker color and shade your cheekbone nearest your hairline in a light circular motion. Then using the blush/lighter color, shade the apples of your cheeks in a light circular motion. Make sure to blend it back a little towards your hairline to mix the colors together. I like to smile big while doing this because is gives me a better idea of where the apples of my cheeks are. If you want to contour a little further, take some of the bronzer/darker color and brush it lightly under your cheeks, along your jaw line and towards your ears. This look will give the illusion of more pronounced cheekbones and a more slender face.

Now let’s talk about highlighting. I love using a highlighter on my face because it gives you a certain fresh glow. A trick to remember when highlighting your features is, imagine someone is holding a flashlight above your head pointing it towards the ground. Now think of every place that light will illuminate, and that is where you put the shine. So, right below your eyebrows, on the top of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, the top line of your upper lip, and the crease of your chin. When you put a little highlighter along the line above your upper lip, it will make them look larger and more pouty. MAC makes some great highlighters; my favorite is ‘Shimpagne’ in the Mineralize Skinfinish line.

I hope you try this tip and experiment; makeup can be so much fun!

NARS Blush/Bronzer Duo

Obsessed Beauty Tip #01

I love makeup, but I think there is an art in knowing how to properly apply it. There are many little tips and tricks that can help make the end result look more beautiful and effortless. Sometimes I feel like my face is literally rejecting my liquid foundation. Does that ever happen to you? I don’t remember exactly where I learned this tip, but I know by experience that it works. Whenever I feel like my liquid foundation isn’t quite sitting so pretty on my face, I pop it in the fridge for 15-20 minutes to chill it. When it has reached a cooler temperature, I apply it to my skin and it just melts in like butter. The warmth of your face makes the foundation spread over your skin so smooth it’s like magic. Also, always use a foundation brush! When using a brush to apply your liquid makeup it takes about 30% less product than it would when using a sponge. Trust me! The brush I suggest and can’t live without is MAC’s foundation brush. So this summer when things get too hot, chill your makeup for a beautiful smooth look.

MAC Foundation Brush