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Bullet Proof

I love to mix it up with tough girl rocker style combined with girly-feminine fashion. So, while searching for new jewelery pieces, I came across a collection by Bullet Girl and it really caught my attention. I would have to say I’m slightly OBSESSED! The Bullet Girl collection “presents a contradictory juxtaposition of war and peace; wearable and inspirational collectibles born of lethal materials”. They literally take real {blank} bullets and make them into rings, necklaces, and bracelets that are to die for… or even kill for! 🙂 Some of their pieces are even encrusted with diamonds, if you want to get fancy. Bullet Girl definitely makes stand-out statement jewelery. You can see such style icons as Kim Kardashian and Rihanna rocking pieces from their collection. Bullet Girl jewelery is perfect for us ladies that aren’t afraid to take risks.

Bullet Girl, .357 MAG rhodium-plated bullet with CZ cap ring

Bullet Girl, .223 REM 24k gold-plated bullet bracelet

See for more details.

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