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The Sky is the Limit

Christian Louboutin, Daffodil

This weekend I went shopping at Sak’s in search of some new extra special heels. While busy deciding between the purple or black patent YSL Tribute sandals, lo and behold, Lady Gaga’s personal assistant came in to pick up a pair of Louboutins purchased by the Mother Monster herself. Obviously I was curious as to which pair she had picked, and of course had to try them on myself. I took a look at the table of gorgeous red-soled heels and I took a guess… It just had to be the silver python platform pumps with the 6 1/2″ inch heel. Of course I guessed right, and promptly asked the sales associate for my size. Oh. Em. Gee. They were ridiculously fabulous and absurdly high. I wondered to myself if I could actually walk like I could handle these babies in a real-life setting without breaking an ankle. Don’t get me wrong I love a high heel, but is there a limit to how high we can or should go? Tell me, when wearing heels, is the sky the limit?

Here are the shoes she bought.


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  1. these shoes are insane! I mean I love high shoes but I would even be afraid to wear them!


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